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Announcing the

Seisoh Sukemune/Bruce Bain



Awarded by the International Council of Psychologists (ICP)


The Award for Research in International Psychology recognizes outstanding early career contributions to scholarly endeavors addressing psychological issues of a universal of multinational significance. It is designed to encourage research that systematically addresses the psychological dimensions effecting the quality of human life, and to enhance and reinforce the mission and goals of ICP. For the purpose of this award, “research” is broadly defined to include all paradigms of scholary endeavor, such as laboratory experiments, field experiments, field studies, correlational and evaluation studies, historical studies and case histories. The recipient is expected to give an address at the ICP annual convention that relates to his/her research. The address is to be written in APA style for submission at the convention to the Editor of the International Journal of Group Tensions.


Criteria for eligibility

The recipient must be a psychologist. Membership in a professional psychogical association is highly desirable as evidence of commitment to the science and practice of psychology, and of specialized training in psychology as a discipline.


Submission procedure & requirements

Candidates should submit a paper by air mail to Prof. Seisoh Sukemune, Chair of the ICP Research Awards Committee, by May 20, 2004.


Seisoh Sukemune, Prof. Ph.D.

Chair of the ICP Research Awards Committee

c/o Graduate School of Clinical Education,

Mukogawa Women’s University

6-46 Ikebiraki-cho, Nishinomiya

663-8558, Japan

Tel: +81 798 45 9911

Fax: +81 798 45 3553

Email address: 

 The notice of selection: July 10, Thursday, 2003.


Paper must meet the following requirements

1.   The research must be based primarily on the candidate’s own work, and must be considered distinguished.

2.   The paper must not have been published elsewhere, but may be based on the applicant’s unpublished paper or dissertation research.

3.   The paper must be prepared in the style and format specified for journal articles by APA so it can be published in the International Journal of Group Tensions.

4.   The length of the paper is limited to 20 typed, doublespaced pages, including abstract, references, figures and tables.

5.   Four copies of the paper are to be submitted, accompanied by cover letter which provides the following information:(a) Title of the paper, author’s name, institutional affiliation, mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, and email address. (b) A statement signed by the candidate applying for the award certifying that:(1) The material presented is original and is primarily the candidate’s own work, and the material has not been previously published;(2) additionally, if the paper is judged to be the winner of the competition, the candidate agrees to present it at the next annual convention of ICP.


Main selection procedures

1.  The application must include (a) the paper and applicant’s cover letter, (b) at least two letters of support which stipulate why the applicant is deserving of the award, and (c) the applicant’s curricurum vitae.

2.  The Research Awards Committee evaluates papers according to a standard point system.

3.  The Chair assures that results are reported to the Board.


The prize for the winning research will consist of

   -a plaque

   -US$ 200.00

   -an invitation to present their research at the next ICP convention

   -There will be no registration charge at the next ICP convention

    (registration waived)


Research Awards Committee members

Seisoh Sukemune (Chair, Japan)

Edith Grotberg(U.S.A.)

Dietrich Albert (Austria)

Sarlito Sarwono (Indonesia)


The 1999-2000 winner is Dr. Cecilia Cheng, Division Social Science, The Hong Kong University in Social Relations and Psychological Distress: Toward a variability approarch to subclinical depression.

 The 2000-2001 winner is Dr. Ng Aik Kwang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore: Why creators are dogmatic people, “nice” people are not creative, and creative people are not “nice.”

 The 2001-2002 winner is Ms. Yumi Suzuki, Nagoya University, Japan: Cross-cultural comparability in the relationship of attribution for academic success and failure with self-esteem and self-consciousness. 

 (Written by Seisoh Sukemune, Ph.D.; Chair of the ICP Research Awards Committee)