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Continuing Education Proposals

Applications for presentation of Continuing Education Workshops for the Winchester conference will be accepted through January 15, 2002

Applications should include:

1. A description of the content of the workshop, not to exceed three pages.  Please include six (6) objectives, and a list of audio-visual and/or other equipment needed. 

2. On a separate page  provide a condensed discription of the workshop (200-250 words). At the top of the page include the title of the workshop, your name, professional affiliation, and your city and country.

A short bibliography relevant to your presentation.

A brief vita for each presenter (if there is more than one). Include previous experience, if any, in presenting workshops.

3. Your proposed method of evaluation of the participants.
The Continuing Education Committee must report the workshop criteria and results to APA after the conference in order that the participants receive APA credit.
For more detailed information, fax Elizabeth Bishop at ++734-741-9038 343-2285, or email