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Call for Continuing Education Workshops

ICP 61 st Annual Convention
Toronto, Canada August 2003
Elizabeth S. Bishop, Ph.D., Continuing Education
Committee Chair

    We all enjoyed our wonderful conference in Manila, Philippines this year and want to thank our gracious host, Dr. Naty Dayan, for all of her hard work and planning. As part of the very successful convention ICP had five Continuing Education Workshops, all of which were very well-attended. We want to thank the Workshop presenters who include: Dr. Sandra Neill, Dr. Ludwig Lowenstein, Dr. Matti Gershenfeld, Dr. Manuela Habicht, and Dr. Chok Hiew. Reports from those attending the workshops have been most enthusiastic.

    The Continuing Education Committee is now soliciting proposals for 2003 from members who plan to attend the Toronto conference. Continuing Education workshops will take place on the first two days of the conference, August 11 and 12, 2003, before the scientific sessions start. We have found that half-day workshops (4 C.E. credits) are preferred by our members over full-day (8 C.E. credits) workshops but the Committee will consider full-day workshops if that is the best format for your topic. Preference will be given to workshops  with a cross-cultural focus, those related to the conference theme, and/or those offered by co-presenters from more than one country. Presentations related to the theme of the Conference “ Mental Health for Today’s World” are encouraged. It should be noted that there is a rule that CE workshop presenters at ICP do not present in two consecutive years. This is to encourage participation by more members of our wonderful and diverse organization.

    If you would like to offer a workshop, please submit a proposal by January 15, 2003, which includes the following information:

1. A description of the content and procedure of your workshop, not to exceed three pages. Please include six (6) objectives, and a list of audio-visual and/or other equipment needed. 

2. On a separate page provide a condensed description of the workshop (200-250 words). At the top of the page include the title of the workshop, your name, professional affiliation, and your city and country. 

3. A short bibliography relevant to your presentation. 

4. A brief vita for each presenter (if there is more than one). Include previous experience,if any, relevant to presenting workshops.

    Workshop presenters will be expected to register for the conference. They will be paid a modest remuneration, based on the number of participants registered for the workshop, the country from which the participants come and whether or not they are students. If a workshop has more than one presenter, then the fees received for that workshop will be divided up among the participants. Payment will equal one half of the workshop fees collected, up to $250 (US). ICP will give continuing education credit to workshop participants in accordance with standards set by the American Psychological Association (APA). While APA has given approval to ICP to offer continuing education for psychologists, ICP maintains responsibility for the programs.

    Those wishing to submit proposals can do so by mail, fax, or email. Send your proposal to: 

Elizabeth S. Bishop, Ph.D., ICP Continuing Education Chair 

1565 Eastover Place, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 USA, 

or fax to ++734-741-9038 or email to 

    Please contact me if you have any questions about the CE process. Proposals will be evaluated by the Continuing Education Committee and decisions made early in 2003. 

We look forward to receiving your  proposals and anticipate a wonderful choice of workshops in Toronto.