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ICP Committees and Interest Groups


You are cordially invited to consider joining the committee or group of your choice. Please contact Chair Persons for availability.

 Standing Committees

Continuing Education Committee: Chair Elizabeth Bishop. To help review proposals in keeping with APA guidelines, please contact Dr. Bishop at <>

Archives Committee Chair: Ann O’Roark. For those interested in ICP history, please contact Dr. O’Roark at <>

Local Sponsors and Arrangement Committee Chair: Giorgio Ilacqua. If you live or work in Toronto and wish to help in the many required activities, please contact Dr. Ilacqua at <

Long Range Planning Committee Chair: Dennis Trent. You render ICP a great service if you are ready and willing to host a future conference in your location. Please contact Dr. Trent, IP editor. 

Regional Meeting Committee Chair: it could be you! If you wish to hold a regional meeting in a more or less geographical proximity to a future ICP convention, please contact Dr. Trent.

Non-Standing Committees or Ad hoc Committees and Task Forces

Membership Recruitment Ad Hoc Committee Chair: Monty Satiaderma. Enthusiastic persons who wish to find means to gain new members and encourage payment of dues on time, please contact Dr. Satiaderma at <

Collaboration with International Organizations Task Force Chair (TBA). If interested, please contact me in the meantime. We also need members.

Interest Groups:

There are several Interest Groups in ICP. These are not committees as such. Rather networks between members to exchange ideas, plan joint research, present symposia and papers in conferences and find or become mentors.

-         Forensic Psychology Chair: Elizabeth Bishop (see above).

-         Aging and Gerontology Chair: Matti Gershenfeld ICP Interim Secretary-General.

-         Creativity Co-Chairs: Stephanie Dudek at <>,

and Ann O’Roark (see above).

-         Peace, International Relations and Human Rights Co-Chairs Sandra Neil (see above)

And Chok Hiew <>

-         School Psychology and Child Development (TBA), please contact me in the meanwhile.

-         Women and Gender Research Chair

-         Cross Cultural Issues Co-Chairs Anna Laura Comunian <> and Leonore Loeb Adler Fax (516)678-7295.


 Antoinette Thomas, Ph.D., ICP President 2002-2003 

















- World Area Chair as well as Media and Public Relations Chair: Sandra Neil. If your geographical location does not have an Area Chair and you wish to serve as such. If you reside nearby future conference site and wish to offer contact with the media or psychological organizations please contact Dr. Neil at <


- Membership Committee, Publication Committee, Financial Committee Chairs (TBA).  Please contact me in the meantime.