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 ICP Positions Search

Contact: Antoinette Thomas, PhD.,  ICP President, 2002-2003


ICP is currently searching for the following 3 positions:

Membership Committee Chair


Dr. Carole Rayburn has recently resigned from her position as Membership Committee Chair. Dr. Rayburn has done a great job. She is also the Denmark/Gunvald Award on Gender Research Chair.
An Ad Hoc Committee was assigned by the Board in Manila to study and provide recommendations to help ICP recruit new members and serve existing members. Such recommendations will be liable to Board vote in the fall. This Task Force will facilitate the work of the Membership Committee.
A brief outline of tasks has been outlined by Dr. Joy Rice, ICP Secretary and former Membership Chair:
1,  Increasing Membership. The membership committee chair does not take a lot of timel.  Maybe a couple of hours a month.  Of course, much more could be done if the committee wanted to develop some membership strategies for attracting new members and publicizing ICP other than what has been already done. However, the membership  main  policies  were done . 
2 . Changes to Dues Statements/announcements in newsletter.  Need to check that the items on the dues statement are current and accurate. The main deadline for  any changes  is that of the  fall  issue. For example,  any changes to countries  categories. 
 3 . Monitor the Discretionary Sponsor Fund.  The Discretionary Sponsor Fund for Category C members in  financial difficulties needs to be publicized in the IP.
          4. Review Country Categories.   Reviewing the country category designations to see if any needed to be changed in terms of the their current economy.  The Board has recently approved   that the Phillipines  be comes a Category C  country, upon an UN investigation.

ICP Treasurer

You are urged to serve ICP as a Treasurer for one year: September 1, 2002-August 31, 2003. The Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee.

It is an important elected office. Yet due to Dr. Lenore Walker's resignation, on account of health and overwork, the position is available and badly needed for a year. In the next elections, the position will be voted on. According to American regulations, the Treasurer must be an American citizen, since ICP has been certified, in the US, as a Non-Profit Organization.

Publication Committee Chair

Dr. Edith Grotberg is elected President-Elect. Her position as Chair is now vacant. Consider forwarding your name to me. The ICP Executive Committee votes on all appointed Committees Chairs.

"The Committee reviews expense and income statements, recommends policies, subscriptions and advertising schedules to the Board, and advises and assists the editors" (Bylaws Article 5, Section 1.5)