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International Council of Psychologists

An Invitation 

to become part of ICP's Network of Individual Psychologists

whether you are a psychologists, a related professional, or a student


Some of the benefits of membership include:


Getting acquainted with psychologists from other countries


Sharing ideas with colleagues world-wide


Broadening your horizons in psychology


Learning about the special interests and concerns of colleagues in other countries


Engaging in cross-cultural research


Meeting your friends/colleagues from around the world at annual conventions such as the 2003 convention in Toronto, Ontario Canada (11-14 August).

Announcements from the President, Dr. Antoinette Thomas 

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ICP Search for Positions:  ICP Treasurer, Membership Committee Chair, Publication Committee Chair

bulletICP Ambassadors
bulletICP Committee and Interest Group Memberships

Latest cover of the International Psychologist , Dr. Dennis Trent, editor 

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As an ICP member, you enjoy these benefits and other interesting opportunities.

President: Dr. Antoinette Thomas
100 de Normandie, St. Lambert, PQ ; J4S 1T4 Canada
Fax:    +


Interim Secretary General:  Dr. Matti Gershenfeld

Colonade, 100 Old York Rd., Suite #1201 Jenkintown, PA 19046 
Telephone: +215-884-4664  
Fax:  +215-884-4665 

Toll-freeTelephone: 1-866-782-5503 (within USA & Canada ONLY)

Contact Information

Click for  Application for Membership / ICP Membership Dues Statement
Please send your check made out to ICP or the credit card details to Lenore Walker. Fax your dues statement only if paying by credit card.  
Dr. Lenore Walker

Treasurer,  ICP
915 Middle River Drive #401
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304 USA
Telephone: ++954-567-0607
FAX: ++954-563-9771

You are also encouraged to visit American Psychological Association's Division 52, International Psychology homepage.

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