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Topic:  To be announced


Under Construction for 2005 CONVENTION


President Elect of the INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF PSYCHOLOGISTS (ICP), Naty Dayan, Ph.D., The Fillipines, is ICP Scientific Program Chair for 2004. 


With her authorization a special innovation is now issued for students and early career psychologists to submit poster presentations for exhibit throughout the annual ICP conference, Jinan, China, [Confucius’ birthplace] August 3-6, 2004. The Author does not need to be able to attend the conference.  Each presentation will be “mentored” by an ICP member.
1. This ICP innovation will take the form of an exhibit of poster papers submitted by students/early career psychologists that would be near the registration desk throughout the conference. The student would not need to be in attendance or register to submit a poster paper. 
2. A senior member of ICP would be assigned to "host" each poster on display, to make a log of comments from other conference participants about the content and form of the paper, and then to provide feedback to that student about excellent features and areas for improvement. 
3. There would be a vote taken from Board members to select first, second and third place in terms of clarity, quality, and significance for international/cross cultural/quality of life/peace/etc   [focus to be broad enough to capture a large segment of possible poster papers] psychology. 
4.  Three ribbons, blue, red, yellow would be given and the winner[s] would receive membership in ICP free for a year.  The first place [blue ribbon in USA contests] would be asked to try to attend the next conference to do an oral presentation, which would also be "coached" and given "feedback".
5.  This would be a kick off for an innovative expression of the unique ICP mission / focus -- by providing a unique service in the psychological community --  as an "incubator" association ... a "proving ground" for developing and encouraging international psychology students.

Send abstracts and titles of poster paper submissions to: 

USA: Ann M. O’Roark, Ph.D.  866 Amelia Court NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33702

England.  Contact Pittu Laungani, London

Austria.  Albert Dietrich , Graz