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2001-02 Annual Report -- ICP Web Editor, Walter S. Griesinger


This previous year I maintained the ICP Website with suggestions from the interim Secretary-General and members of the Publications Committee.  Members occasionally found mistakes on the site that were corrected.  I view this as a positive. I did receive numerous suggestions for the site from various members, board members, and officers.  In some cases, the suggestions were helpful.  In other instances, it would require expertise beyond my ability to effect the changes suggested.  For example, I received a suggestion that I use a specific free server that a member has been using successfully. The web authoring program I am using requires “extensions” on the server that are compatible with the program I am using.  Not all servers have these extensions; therefore, I cannot use those sites.


My goal is to try to make the website both attractive and functional in serving the needs of ICP.  In this regard, I have recently purchased a new web authoring program that creates its own extensions on a given server and provides more creative freedom in site design.  I do not know how difficult it will be to learn how to use the program; therefore, cannot promise that it will be used in the near future. 


Working with members of the Scientific Committee for the Manila conference, I developed an online application submission for proposals for presentations and materials concerning continuing education programs and hotel information.  Suggestion: In regards to future conventions, it would be helpful to me if all future Committees try to use the format of the current application forms so that changes will be at a minimum.


The “Geocities” site has proven to be unstable for the web authoring tools I have been using.  I was unable to access the site at times and the images were not linked to the pages. I receive word from “Geocities” that I must use their web authoring tools and that as of  2 April, I could not FTP my materials to the site using the authoring program I am currently using.  I have since transferred all of the information to a more reliable site sponsored by Lycos and the new URL for the ICP Website is  .  I have used this site as a backup and for the forms, so I know that it is currently more reliable than the “Geocities” site. I have a link from the old “Geocities” site until the members are used to accessing the new one. Such are the vagrancies of a free site.


Suggestion: I would like to suggest that the “International Psychologist” has a permanent listing of the website’s URL ( ) on the first or second page of the publication. I trust that the listing could be changed if the site would change as happened this month.


Suggestion:  I did not mind suggestions from the membership on what should or should not be included on the website or design suggestions; however, I feel that these general suggestions should be submitted to the Publications Committee chair, the Secretary-General, the President, or some other designated officer/person.  By doing so, there would be some structure to the process and some other individual who would be privy to the emails I have been receiving concerning these matters.  I do not mean to imply that the suggestions have been “out of line” or invaluable, just that someone, other than me, should be aware of them.


I appreciate the words of encouragement and thanks that I have received by various ICP members concerning the website. It is nice to know that one is not “working in a vacuum” and that ones work is recognized.


2001-2002 Report--U.S. Area Chair

Coordinator--Walter S. Griesinger


Last year I say that I would further develop the U.S. page on the ICP Web Site. This would enhance the communications between the Coordinator and the Area Chairs. I did develop the page and will encourage the Area Chairs who have personal web sites to link to the ICP site.


Last year we lost 10 representatives due to nonpayment of dues. The states represented now number 9 out of 50:  Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Tennessee.


I distributed ICP brochures/website address at Midwest Psych. Assn. Conference in Chicago, MidAmerican Assn. Conference on Teachers of Psychology, and the Biofeedback Society of Ohio’s meeting.  I also contacted local universities and sent them ICP literature.  There has been no known response for my efforts.


Our university has been in a budget crisis for the past two years and due to a hiring “freeze” I have been required to teach summer school during this time.  It has been disappointing that I have been unable to attend the ICP convention during this time.  I plan to be in attendance at the Toronto conference, even if it means finding a substitute to teach for me during that time.


Suggestion: It might be good to have all area chairs listed on the World Area Chair website. The ICP Website is linked to this site.


Suggestion: Since my university obligations and the website takes most of my time and the fact that we seem to be losing area chairs in the United States, if someone who would want the job of U.S. Coordinator and could spend more time at the job, I would be willing to resign the position.  I have always thought that the more people we could get involved, the more the organization would grow.

2001-02 REPORT--USA, OHIO.

Walter S. Griesinger, Area Co-chair


I distributed ICP information and/or the website address to those interested at professional conferences and workshops that I attended this past year.  These included: the Midwest Conference on the Teaching of Psychology held at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, Indiana USA, October, 2001; and the Ohio Society of Behavioral Health and Biofeedback held in Columbus, Ohio USA, November, 2001.


I also will distribute ICP information to share with those in attendance at the Midwest meeting of APA in Chicago, Illinois, USA May 1- May 4, 2002.


The website has made it easier to inform others about ICP.  When I don’t have “hard copy” information about ICP, I simply refer them to the ICP website for information. In the upcoming year, I will do the same as above. This is one way to efficiently distribute materials to many people.