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Some of the services that ICP provides are listed below:

bullet  Annual Conventions

Annual conventions provide an opportunity for members to meet, to learn, and to experience other cultures.


Some of the activities engaged in by ICP include: (1) Committees and task forces that develop research and/or action programs on various issues; (2) SHARE, a hospitality program for visiting psychologists, and (3) Liaison Correspondents who exchange information with nineteen major organizations around the world regarding activities and meetings.


Serial publication of the International Council of Psychologists include:

The International Psychologist (IP): This publication is the official organ of communication for the Council.  IP provides the link with every member.   Through it, individual members are able to communicate with others regarding specialists interests.   

bulletArea Representation

ICP has Area Chairs in most of the countries where there are members, and in the provinces of Canada and the states of the USA.  Area Chairs are appointed for the purpose of promoting the goals of ICP in specified geographical areas.  These individuals are also a key link in promoting ICP membership in their area.

bullet  Continuing Education

Pre-convention workshops, approved by the American Psychological Association,  are offered to convention attendees for their edification.

bullet  Interest Groups

ICP has established interest groups that reflect various interest areas within the field of psychology.  These groups have sponsored symposia and paper presentations at the annual conventions and have provided opportunities for cross-cultural research within a specialty area of psychology.